Chicago area singer Derrick Procell’s album Hello Mojo! set for release August 1.  Recorded at Sonic Ranch in Texas, Derrick was backed by the Catfood Records musicians, The Rays, along with LA percussionist Munyungo Jackson and Las Vegas background singer Sueann Carwell (Prince vocalist), joined by Jessica Ivey and Meridith Colby.  BMA winner Zac Harmon produced and also played guitar on 3 songs. Derrick has had several songs on television shows and movies and was the vocalist along with Annika Chambers on the 2020 singles Black Man’s Justice and Rise Up, Resist.
“If you’re going to be a white boy with the blues, you might as well be from Chicago. With chitlin circuit ferocity and oomph, Procell delivers it showroom style, growling all the way through.  Romping and rolling with ease and aplomb, this is a masterful set of music for music fans that have been feeling like they’ve been involuntarily aged out. Smoking.”
Chris Spector-Midwest Record