Blue Condition – Sextalk
Blues From Down Under – The Best of The Steve Lott Band
Johnny Rawls – Ace of Spades
Kay Kay and The Rays – Big Bad Girl
Johnny Rawls – Tiger In A Cage
Daunielle – Daunielle
Blue Condition – Cheap Wine
Dave Keller – Every Soul’s a Star
Kay Kay and The Rays featuring Abner Burnett
Johnny Rawls & The Rays – No Boundaries
Sandy Carroll – Unnaturally Blonde
Jackie Johnson – Memphis Jewel
Kay Kay and The Rays – Texas Justice
Sandy Carroll – Just As I Am
Barbara Carr – Keep The Fire Burning
Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls – Soul Brothers
Blue Condition – The Memphis Sessions
The Best of Kay Kay and The Rays
James Armstrong – Blues At The Border
Johnny Rawls – Soul Survivor
Johnny Rawls – Red Cadillac
Johnny Rawls with Special Guest Otis Clay – Remembering O.V.
Johnny Rawls – Memphis Still Got Soul
James Armstrong – Guitar Angels