Johnny Rawls Nominated for Soul Artist of the Year

Congratulations to Johnny Rawls for being once again nominated for Soul Artist of the Year for the 2016 Blues Music Awards. He has been one of the five nominees every year since 2008. Otis Clay is also nominated again this year.  Otis Clay’s and Johnny’s album Soul Brothers, was selected as one of the Best Albums of the Year by Downbeat Magazine, being one of the two top rated blues albums on the list. Johnny Rawls is releasing a new recording, Tiger In A Cage in February 2016.  Sandy Carroll’s new album, Southern Belle, will also be released in February.  Finally, the song Christmas Deer Hunt by San Francisco artist Ed Ivey is being played on over 100 radio station with more being added each day as programs directors get in the Christmas spirit. Ed is backed by top West Coast studio musicians on the song with lyrics like “Billy Bob and me and Junior in the truck, going to shoot us a Christmas buck” and “If we get old Dasher in our sights, Santa gonna need a replacement tonight.