Johnny Rawls and Sandy Carroll still at #1 and Otis Clay Receives Awards

  • Johnny Rawls’ Tiger In A Cage remains the #1 Soul Blues Album for the 8th week in a row on Roots Music Reports and Sandy Carroll’s Last Southern Belle is still the #1 Contemporary Country Song for the 6th week on RMR.  Both were produced by multi-Grammy winner Jim Gaines.


  • Blues Hall of Fame member Otis Clay finally received long overdue Blues Music Awards for Soul Album of the Year and Soul Artist of the Year.  His  last recording,  the single Mississippi Poor Boy, has just been released.


  •  Johnny Rawls, Johnny McGhee and Bob Trenchard went into the studio to add bass guitar, a drum track and background vocals to a vocal track Otis had sang during the Soul Brothers sessions in 2014.  Neo Soul  singer Janelle Thompson dropped in and was recruited to sing backgrounds with Johnny Rawls. It is a stripped down, hard blues version of the Gospel song with the passionate vocals of Otis out front.